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Beyond Boundaries


Dance is an incredible art that stimulates both the mind and the body while bringing the purest joy to the heart. Beyond Boundaries shares this incredible gift by developing lessons with each of the students’ individual strengths and learning styles in mind. Our program works by introducing these students to music and movement, allowing them an outlet for opening up and communicating in ways they may have not yet been exposed to. Quite often, students who have difficulty communicating verbally or in other ways of which we are accustomed, will find their voices through music and movement. This outlet provides students with confidence and security they may not feel in typical situations.  What they learn and gain can translate into improved communication patterns and social experiences. The many benefits to this program include: 



  • Cardiovascular exercise 

  • Bilateral coordination 

  • Muscle strengthening 

  • Proprioceptive input 



  • Memory, repetition, and rhythm 

  • Focus and attentiveness 

  • Communicative development 

  • Social skills development 



  • Emotional expression 

  • Creative development 

  • Stimulate imagination 

  • Celebrate uniqueness and self-expression


We understand that many families living with these unique situations may not be able to attend weekly classes after school. We want to make it easier to participate in our program by bringing the program to them. We will do this by working jointly with other organizations in our area that focus on children with disabilities. Please stay tuned as we release where our program will be this coming Spring running approximately March - May 2023.

At this time, we are currently looking for more teachers to join our Beyond Boundaries team. If you are interested, please click here.

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