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Due to circumstances because of Covid-19, our Company Classes have been put on hold for the time being. However, we are currently in production for our Fall production and have received official approval to move to IN-PERSON rehearsals and productions. We are so excited to offer our participants in-person rehearsals and, hopefully, an in-person production and while this is very exciting, we feel transparency to the fullest degree with our protocols and safety measures is a must. 

We are currently basing all of our protocols on the CDC, the State of California, SLO County and/or Lucia Mar Unified School District's guidelines. At this time, we feel it is best to be as safe as  possible, and although some of these protocols may not be mandatory in our area, we will be prioritizing health of our students and staff above all. 

Our list of protocols for each rehearsal will be as follows:

  1. Each student/parent must complete a pre-arrival check-in, linked here. We will be following a similar questionnaire as to what Lucia Mar Unified School District currently uses. We will be keeping a record of each questionnaire filled out. 

  2. We will be taking temperatures upon arrival, confirming no fevers or temperatures above the CDC recommended temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit. 

  3. Sanitizer will be available and used upon entry to our rehearsal.

  4. Masks will be required at all times. Masks only are required for movement based rehearsals, and face shields must be worn additionally during singing.

  5. Our current rehearsal space is located outdoors. This space will be following the 6-foot guidelines and will be marked to those specific requirements.

  6. No sharing of items will be permitted during rehearsals. All students must bring their own personal materials to limit contact and transmission. This includes, but is not limited to, water bottles, pencils, phone chargers, and masks.

As guidelines change or are altered through LMUSD, SLO County, the State of California and/or the CDC, we will alter our rehearsals to offer the safest environment. If we move into a new tier that recommends all in-person activities stop, we will do so at that time. Also, any student who wishes to remain online and attend rehearsal virtually will have the ability to do so. Our Zoom links will be available continuing through all rehearsals.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at any time.


Thank you for your understanding!

All the best,

Coastal Performing Arts Foundation

Coastal Youth Theater

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