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Coastal Youth Theater’s

ONE – An Evening of One Acts


As their organization rebuilds after being unable to perform on stage for over a year, Coastal Youth Theater is proud to present their evening of One Act plays performed by some of the most talented youngsters on the Central Coast. With the casts ranging in ages from 8 to 18, our directors selected pieces that would best showcase their talent while providing top level entertainment for our audiences. Don’t let their ages fool you! These actors have been studying the trade for many years and are seasoned, professional, and very ready to return to the stage!



Natalia Noriega is leading the directorial team that also includes

Christian Clarno, Danya Nunley, and Izzy Pedego.


The plays to be performed are:


These Seats Are Taken

Directed by Danya Nunley

Quirky and irritating Charlie tries to make friends with Theodore, a loner.


A Flawed Character

Directed by Natalia Noriega

As time marches on and the play begins to stagnate, the character’s patience also begins to stagnate.  Frustration builds when the Author begins to realize that perhaps the relationship she has with her character was never meant to be.


Fifty Farthings Short

Directed by Izzy Pedego

When the tax collector comes to Amanda Ray’s cottage to collect the king’s tax, she is fifty farthings short. Her three mouse friends decide to take the matter into their own hands to help Amanda Ray pay the tax and keep her cottage.


Kitchen Sink Drama

Directed by Natalia Noriega

Elaine’s husband has made a lurid confession that has thrown her neat and tidy existence into a complete turmoil. Seeking solace and guidance, she decides to share her shocking discovery with her estranged, capricious sister, Joy.


The Curious Art of Critique

Directed by Danya Nunley

A pompous director manipulates two….actors?


Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Directed by Christian Clarno

Humorous and poignant, this one act looks at relationships nearing their ends. The narrator introduces us to these couples in various stages of life and love and examines the implications of staying together or saying goodbye.